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SHOWstudio: Blog

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MoCo Loco - Modern contemporary design & architecture

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MoCo Loco - Modern contemporary design & architecture

Welcome to | The home of "tastes like chicken" |

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Welcome to | The home of "tastes like chicken" |

August 2008

Everything's Better With Brentter

Everything's Better With Brentter | * An advertising blog by Brent Terrazas *

Clio Awards at

“The Clio Awards is the world’s most recognized advertising, design and interactive awards competition. "

SXSW 2008 at

"South by Southwest Festivals + Conferences (SXSW) | About SXSW | History of SXSW"

We’re All Out of Polaroid at

"CNN Money | Polaroid shutters the Polaroid | February 8 2008: 5:22 PM EST | …via Engadget | Polaroid no longer does Polaroids "

Spam Theater on BoingBoing at

"…on BoingBoing TV - is this new? This is the first one I have seen, its goofy and hilarious."

Sharper Image : RIP at

"Washington Post | The Future Was Then | The Times Have Caught Up With That Erstwhile Icon of Modernity, the Sharper Image | By David Segal | Washington Post Staff Writer | Wednesday, February 27, 2008; Page C01"

Me at MetaFilter at

"I always dug MetaFilter - for some reason I always seem to think of MetaFilter and BoingBoing at the same time?"

AdFreak at

"Six Apart | Adweek’s AdFreak | Anil Dash | 11/18/2004"

Mike Veeck at

"Reader’s Digest - Characters: The King of Swing | Mike Veeck brings crazy back to baseball. | By Andy Simmons | From Reader’s Digest March 2008"

Tennessee Birdwalk at

"...Don’t ask me what genetically foretold chemical imbalance made me today recall listening to Tennessee Birdwalk in 1970..."

Brownstoner at

“ is a site about Brooklyn real estate and renovation, and all the tangential topics that impact life inside and outside the home in Brooklyn."

Kubrick Week Continues at

"In a previous post, I hereby declared “Kubrick Week” (ok, well, Kubrick Friday at this point, anyway…)"

New York Art at

"New York Magazine | online art events and news | via Theresa Raffetto"