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Ad spending in steepest drop since 2001

By Paul Thomasch NEW YORK (Reuters) - Advertising spending in the second quarter suffered its biggest drop since the last U.S. recession, declining 3.7 percent as corporations responded to economic worries by curtailing their marketing budgets, a...

Everything's Better With Brentter

Everything's Better With Brentter | * An advertising blog by Brent Terrazas *

Clio Awards at

“The Clio Awards is the world’s most recognized advertising, design and interactive awards competition. "

AdFreak at

"Six Apart | Adweek’s AdFreak | Anil Dash | 11/18/2004"

Adweek - Creative at

“Edited for ad agency executives, ADWEEK has the inside stories on: creativity, client/agency relationships, successful global advertising strategies."

NY Times Media + Advertising Section at

"New York Times Media and Advertising | Essential reading for location scouts or anyone involved in media production, photography, video, especially if your work base involves working on ads or commercials - it’s, like, your “world”…"

Shoot Online: Ad Growth Following Internet Traffic at

"Shoot Online: As Newspaper Internet Traffic Grows And Use Of Video Grows, Advertising Follows | ARLINGTON, VA, January 30, 2008"

NY Times: Ads Created by Users at

NY Times: Ads Created by Users at

User Generated Content Advertising Lags - ShootOnline

"NEW YORK, April 23, 2008, --- The growth of user generated content creators and consumers isn't being matched by growth in ad revenue. An eMarketer report from last week projected the number of ugc creators will grow from 83 million in 2008 to 108 millio