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October 2008

September 2008

A2B Location-Based Search Engine

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Find websites by geographic position | Mobile searching with free GPS software | GeoURL/Geotags | META tag compatible

August 2008

The AnyGeo Blog - Anything Geospatial

Following The Geospatial Web - A GISuser's blog about GIS, the Geo web2.0, GPS, maps, google maps, google earth & anything geospatial - for GIS / Geospatial users and enthusiasts - from the Founder/Managing Editor of and

Geobloggers at

"Geobloggers | maps for people, locations, stories and stuff … and sometimes flickr gossip"

Outtasite Geocoder at

# ...WorldKit Geocoder # …more toys ( # …via MetaFilter…

Auto-Geotagged Photos at

"CNet | WebWare | Geotate service geared to ease geotagging | By Stephen Shankland | January 30, 2008 4:43 PM PST | …via Explorers on the Moon | Geotagging Made Easy"

Geotag Ya Bad Self at

"Geotag Your Blog, Site or Feed ( … via GeoPress and GeoRSS links" at

"For whatever reason, has been picking up on my blog posts lately (or someone has been been mapping them…)"

Mapkit / Platial at

MapKit | 7/5/2008 | MapKit is now Platial | Lately I have been investigating map sites and various map mashups that utilise Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, geotagging and various mapping api’s.