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SXSW Wrap-Up at

"New York Times | SXSW | 1,700 Bands, Rocking as the CD Industry Reels | By JON PARELES | Published: March 15, 2008"

SXSW 2008 at

"South by Southwest Festivals + Conferences (SXSW) | About SXSW | History of SXSW"

Tennessee Birdwalk at

"...Don’t ask me what genetically foretold chemical imbalance made me today recall listening to Tennessee Birdwalk in 1970..."

Culture of None

"Here at Culture of None, we believe the best music is unheard music. Self-released LPs, hand distributed demo tapes, deleted CD titles, dropped artists - we strive to provide an endless resource of obscure and oddball audio entertainment."

Internet Video Magazine

Internet Video Magazine - The Guide to the Best Video on the Internet and How to Create your own Internet Movies