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September 2008

August 2008

Map Channels

Map Channels Home Page - embed custom Google maps or Virtual Earth maps into your website or blog, free mapping tools, directories, custom markers, geocoding, mapplets

Mapkit / Platial at

MapKit | 7/5/2008 | MapKit is now Platial | Lately I have been investigating map sites and various map mashups that utilise Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, geotagging and various mapping api’s.

April 2008

Flickr Geotagging Bookmarklet/

“Localize Bookmarklet - Map Your Flickr Photos! | Overview | I just spent some time to create a slim bookmarklet that enables mapping, geocoding and geotagging directly in your Flickr photo page. It works with all common browsers without the need for an


What an amazing tool with potential for use for location scouting! | About the Panoramio Team: “Panoramio’s creators are Joaquín Cuenca Abela and Eduardo Manchón Aguilar. We are friends since secondary school and we come from two small towns in the