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August 2008

Mark McKennon PBS-TV at

"...Freelancers Union invited us to share our thoughts and experiences as part of the rising tide of solo individuals who have greater value than ever to working America..."

June 2008

May 2008

Freelance Event and Production Technician Directory

Freelance Event Crew and Production Technician Directory. | This directory provides a convenient way for Production Managers to connect with Freelance Event and Production Technicians.

Tax Tips for Freelance Professionals

Here are some tips and strategies for thinking about your taxes. There are special circumstances that apply to freelance writers and other creative professionals, so I will highlight what you need to know to prepare your taxes and to avoid IRS investigati

May 2007

Relay House Television Freelancers Pages

Relay House Television Freelancers Pages - Ku Satellite Truck Booking 1-888-Uplink-Ku