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September 2008

shot of the pool and wall during the day. We've had a couple ... on TwitPic - shot of the pool and wall during the day. We’ve had a couple of film location scouts ask about shooting here. 31 Aug 2008, 8:34 pm

August 2008

residential location in Chicago area |

Kubrick Week Continues at

"In a previous post, I hereby declared “Kubrick Week” (ok, well, Kubrick Friday at this point, anyway…)"

New Location Featured at

"This past week I was contacted by a mid-Westchester County, NY property owner about the prospect of using their 200 year-old farmhouse home as a shoot location for film, photo or video projects."

July 2008

Houses and Mansions Locations

Houses and Mansions Locations | houses mansions estates homes suburban residential locations film photo video tv events

April 2007