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September 2008

August 2008

TheUncoolhunter at

"TheUncoolhunter Manifesto | “Someone asked Dali: “What is fashionable?” and he answered, “what is out of fashion”.

Great Places Directory - Rudolph House at

"There are several resources I use regularly especially for researching event venue locations, such as BizBash and Locations Magazine but I was not familiar with the Great Places Directory till I stumbled onto a link to it on the New York City MOFTB website this morning."

Great Places Directory

"Welcome to Great Places Online...your virtual destination to find the ultimate event destination! Here you’ll discover the latest ideas and resources to create your next inspired event."

BizBash Location Scout Archive at

"BizBash, an event-planning resource website, has recently begun a series on its different city and regional websites, which include New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Florida and Toronto entitled BizBash Location Scout Archive (link is for New York- Location Scout Archive for other cities can be found under the “Venues” tab(s) on each city’s respective website)."

July 2008

Houses and Mansions Locations

Houses and Mansions Locations | houses mansions estates homes suburban residential locations film photo video tv events

Apartments and Lofts

Apartments and Lofts Locations | apartments lofts residential urban locations film photo video tv events

NYC Rooftops and Views

NYC Rooftops and Views | New-York-City NYC roofs rooftops panoramas cityscapes skylines locations film photo video tv events

Farms and Ranches Locations

Farms and Ranches Locations | farms ranches rural agricultural livestock locations film photo video tv events

Cabins and Camps Locations

Cabins and Camps Locations | cabins camps rustic rural locations film photo video tv events

Log Palaces Locations

Log Palaces Locations | log-palaces log-homes locations film photo video tv events

Other / Unusual Lccations

Other / Unusual Lccations | locations film photo video tv events