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September 2008

The Evolution Of Movie Credits | Filmonic

The Evolution Of Movie Credits | Filmonic

August 2008

In Defence of “Normal” Working Hours at

"Couple of interesting treatises from Digital Content Producer on the subject of long workdays typical in the production industry:"

Period Features at

“Period Features is a small company based in the attractive market town of Leek, on the edge of the Peak District . "

Weblog Tools Collection » Blog Archive » If, Then, Else

"Ever become brave enough to look inside of a WordPress php file? Specifically, a php file from a theme? If you have, you may have noticed that they are filled with If, Then, and Else statements. If you have no idea what these mean, this post is for you."

Mike Veeck at

"Reader’s Digest - Characters: The King of Swing | Mike Veeck brings crazy back to baseball. | By Andy Simmons | From Reader’s Digest March 2008"

Location Scouting Tips at

"There is a valuable informational article on VideoMaker entitled 11 Tips for Location Scouting which includes some basic flight-checks relevant to location scouting."

Kubrick Week Continues at

"In a previous post, I hereby declared “Kubrick Week” (ok, well, Kubrick Friday at this point, anyway…)"

WordPress gets $29Mil at

"WordPress Planet | Mark Jaquith: Automattic secures $29.5 million B round | Posted in Automattic, funding, new york times, old media, venture capital by Mark Jaquith on January 23rd, 2008"

A Primer on Production at

A Primer on Production at

June 2008