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October 2008

September 2008

Joongel, Internet The Easy Way

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Joongel, Internet The Easy Way | search 10 search engines simultaneously

August 2008

Home | Feedlr, Live Broadcaster for Your Feeds

Feedlr is a free service to automatically broadcast your blog, or any other feed on the web to popular mini-blogging services.


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Toluu is a free service for sharing the feeds you read and discovering new ones.

LibraryClips at

I always dug this site- I went thru a period when I was really preoccupied with trying to find uses for and learning to work with rss / xml feeds, opml and other feed aggregation / feed generation resources, especially with regard to how such resources might be integrated into websites.

Ziki + Other Social Networking Websites at is one of them newfangled mashup social software web 2.0 thingamajiggers ;-) dang internets / Update all of your social networks at once!

by 10 others / Update all of your social networks at once! | is a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap.

May 2008

BlogRovR: your blogs, delivered

Download BlogRovR’s browser plug-in and tell RovR what blogs you like. While you browse, RovR will show you posts from them about the page you’re on. RovR’s tray slides in briefly showing summaries of the posts it finds.

April 2008