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tlfx - Project Hosting on Google Code

Welcome to the Text Layout Framework Extended project. The TLFX library allows you to easily add HTML/CSS rendered content into your Flash applications. This compatibility layer is built on top of the Adobe sponsored open source Text Layout Framework (TLF) project. The intent is to fulfill the promise of HTML rendering while maintaining a cross platform browser experience that we've come to love using Flash.


Actionscript 3 Layout Organizers Examples and Source Code — Some Random Dude

I believe that is now the case. You will find examples, the basic gist on how it works and some possible reasons why layout organizers may just make your life easier.


Yahoo! Developer Network - Flash Developer Center - ASTRA Flash Components - Layout Containers

HBoxPane, VBoxPane, FlowPane, TilePane and BorderPane are a set of containers that position and resize their children using several different layout modes. These components are built with the Layout Utility in the Astra Utilities library.

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