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April 2009

Inference Group: Dasher Project: Home

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Keyboards are inefficient for two reasons: they do not exploit the redundancy in normal ... all » language; and they waste the fine analogue capabilities of the user's motor system (fingers and eyes, for example). I describe a system intended to rectify both these inefficiencies. Dasher is a text-entry system in which a language model plays an integral role, and it's driven by continuous gestures. Users can achieve single-finger writing speeds of 35 words per minute and hands-free writing speeds of 25 words per minute. Dasher is free software, and it works in all languages, and on many platforms. Dasher is part of Debian, and there's even a little java version for your web-browser.

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SpY, about

SpY is an artist from Madrid. His first actions appeared in the middle eighties. Shortly after, already a national reference as a graffiti artist, he started to work with other forms of artistic communication in the street: large posters, modified billboards, interventions that were experimental in the first nineties.

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