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airxmail - Project Hosting on Google Code

AirxMai is SMTP and POP3 ActionScript 3 ( Flex AIR ) library - SMTP support SMTPAuth, TLS(need extra library: as3crypto) - POP3 AirxMai API is composed of a set of abstract classes ( like a Java MAIL API ) The goal is - easy to send and receive multi-part messages - flexible to use

tlfx - Project Hosting on Google Code

Welcome to the Text Layout Framework Extended project. The TLFX library allows you to easily add HTML/CSS rendered content into your Flash applications. This compatibility layer is built on top of the Adobe sponsored open source Text Layout Framework (TLF) project. The intent is to fulfill the promise of HTML rendering while maintaining a cross platform browser experience that we've come to love using Flash.



AS3 TextEditor Lite is a SWC based component for rich text editor which can be used in Flash applications to be developed using Action Script 3 and Adobe Flash CS3 IDE. This component provides features like:


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fxspy Inspect, edit and monitor your Flex application's components properties and styles.


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FlexMonkey is a testing framework for Flex apps that provides for the capture, replay and verification of Flex UI functionality. FlexMonkey can record and playback Flex UI interactions, and generates ActionScript-based testing scripts that can easily be included within a continuous integration process. It uses the Flex Automation API and was created by extending Adobe's sample automation adapter, AutoQuick.

Actionscript 3 Layout Organizers Examples and Source Code — Some Random Dude

I believe that is now the case. You will find examples, the basic gist on how it works and some possible reasons why layout organizers may just make your life easier.


The dd_tile_list class extends the as3 TileList component to add drag and drop functionality. Dropping between components is supported. This class aims to be CellRenderer and Style agnostic.


flexmdi is a robust, extensible Multiple Document Interface framework for Adobe Flex.


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