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September 2007 : News

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one of the best flash pedagogue...

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XML-RPC Client Library for ActionScript, a downloadable code project, from Words, punctuated - by Paul Robertson (

This is an XML-RPC client implementation for ActionScript 2.0. The usage is very similar to the Flash Remoting for MX 2004 ActionScript 2.0 components, so it should be pretty easy for anyone with Flash Remoting experience to learn to use this library as well. (It shouldn’t be hard for others to learn to use it either — I just wanted to build it to follow a well-established pattern for calling remote methods in ActionScript.)

pixelbreaker » SWFObject add-on: MouseWheel on Mac OS

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I've had the mouse wheel working in flash on OS X for a while, and after seeing the SWFAddress add-on for deconcept's SWFObject embedding system, I thought I'd add mousewheel functionality to SWFObject, rather than using my own "frankenstein" embedding system.

The Algorithmist

Applied Mathematics in Flash and Flex

The Unbearable Strangeness of Embedding Fonts |

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The 'why' and 'how' of embedding fonts is a Flash 101 topic. The main 'why' is that the user can't see fonts that she doesn't have. If your swf uses these fonts, you need to bundle them in the swf (or with the swf). The 'how' also seems very simple: in the properties panel for a given text field, click the 'Embed' button and select the character range you want to embed. Click OK. Done. Move on.

vertically align text flash

A simple way to vertically align text within a text field in Flash. This is one of those things that's fairly easy to do, but I use it so infrequently that each time I have to sit and figure it out again. No more! hehehe.. here it is..

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