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Twitter-ing in the Enterprise - are we kidding?

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Does the enterprise need another communication tool that lets them publish what they are doing at a given time to people / peers who would be interested in knowing?


Cynapse announces, Enterprise 2.0 application

With, organizations can effortlessly manage and collaborate upon knowledge and build a secure central repository of information and files. Read more about the service in this article.

5 Firefox extensions you can't live without

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The 5 best firefox extensions that you need for your firefox to perform optimally. A deatiled user guide explaining why you need the extensions, how to install them , customize them based on your requirements, how to use them and where to find the installers. All this with excellent screenshots! A great guide to FireFox extensions!

The Long Tail concept: The Long and Short of It

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Ever wondered what "The Long Tail" was all about? Here is an interesting article summarizing "The Long Tail" concept, the Reason for it's existence and much more. Read more about how you can make your business successful online.