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Slony-I is a "master to multiple slaves" replication system with cascading and failover. The big picture for the development of Slony-I is a master-slave system that includes all features and capabilities needed to replicate large databases to a reasonably limited number of slave systems. Slony-I is a system for data centers and backup sites, where the normal mode of operation is that all nodes are available.


pgpool is a connection pool server for PostgreSQL. pgpool runs between PostgreSQL's clients(front ends) and servers(back ends). A PostgreSQL client can connect to pgpool as if it were a standard PostgreSQL server. pgpool caches the connection to PostgreSQL server to reduce the overhead to establish the connection to it. Also, pgpool can use two PostgreSQL servers for fail over. If the first server goes down, pgpool will automatically switch to the secondary server.

Myslq Cluster

Mise en cluster de serveurs Mysql

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