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Blog Tecnologia Brasil | Helping Bloggers Succeed

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Performancing Metrics is here! All you need to know, across all of your blogs: * Real-time blog statistics * Track mutiple blogs with one user account * Ideal for high traffic blogs * RSS 2.0 feeds for your news reader * It's FREE!

Patricia é designer e gerente de projetos web. Neste site fala um pouco sobre ela e sobre o seu trabalho.

Max Kiesler - DesignDemo - Web 2.0, AJAX, and Rails UI Elements

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DesignDemo is a constantly updated blog and resource of next generation web interface and interaction design. Unlike previous design review sites, DesignDemo will feature online demo movies of working interaction design, UI elements, and trends and best practices in web 2.0 user experience.


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A memetracker that scans the blogosphere to find the latest news on politics, tech, sports, entertainment and business. Similar to Memeorandum, but results aren't as good. Although the interface is attractive, a lot of space is wasted - the news items should be given more prominence. Nonethless, it provides a broader view of the blogosphere with more categories than Memeorandum.



Condominio de Blog, com dicas e tudo mais

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