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January 2006

Python Routes | 2006-01-30 | BitWorking

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Routes, dispatch and Kid together would make a nice un-framework.

Overview | Colubrid

Colubrid is a WSGI request handler which simplifies python web developement.

September 2005

:: cleverdevil ::: Python, FastCGI, WSGI, and lighttpd

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Right now, the lighttpd web server is all the rage with Ruby on Rails people, PHP people, and excellent hosting providers. Why is this? Because lighttpd is extremely lightweight, has a small footprint, scales like nobody’s business, and is fast fast fast. The internals of lighttpd are really interesting, using kqueue and other fancy asynchronous networking operating system support to really put Apache to shame. But, the internals of lighttpd are a topic for another day…

Project: PyFileServer

PyFileServer is a WSGI web application for sharing filesystem directories over WebDAV. It comes bundled with a WSGI web server for standalone operation or can be incorporated into other WSGI-compatible web frameworks like Python Webware or Python Paste.

May 2005

URL Parsing With WSGI And Paste

This document is intended for web framework authors and integrators, and people who want to understand the internal architecture of Paste.

November 2004

WSGI Utils

Package of standalone utility libraries that ease the development of simple WSGI programs.

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