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Linux Audio Blog

Collected news, musings, ramblings with regard to Linux Audio.

Why audioblogging is a bad idea

At least I didn't lost 4 minutes of my life. Read the transcription.


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Monitoring Technorati with Jabber.


Python weblog system.


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Single Sign On for commenting on weblogs.


Nifty way to have an automatically updated OPML.


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Gamma version released today.


From iPhoto do weblog.

Napalm in the Morning

I just decked him and broke his nose.

A step-by-step guide to Blogging your way to Riches!

Win up to US $1800 dollars per year!!! OMG!!!

Why Your Community Site Must Die

If you had an original thought you would have a blog.

iPhoto2Typepad Demo working!

My next project is porting this to b2 and pyblosxom.

Observer's Comments

Blogging below zero.

Laszlo SoundBlox

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MP3 audio playing Internet application.

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