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October 2005

Novell Net Drive - Google Search

Map a webdav server to a Windows drive.

September 2005

Project: PyFileServer

PyFileServer is a WSGI web application for sharing filesystem directories over WebDAV. It comes bundled with a WSGI web server for standalone operation or can be incorporated into other WSGI-compatible web frameworks like Python Webware or Python Paste.

June 2005

akaDAV - Lightweight WebDAV server and python module

python module to provide WebDAV (RFC 2518) capabilities for Twisted 1.3. It enables you to quickly write your own WebDAV server application in Python. The package also includes easy-to-use and lightweight WebDAV server application.

May 2004

Planet Geek!: Shared Calendars, phase 2

Sharing calendars with WebDAV and iCal.

February 2004

Running Apple's Backup Without a .Mac Account

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First I have to build my RAID 5 file server.

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