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July 2006

Decimail - Introducing Decimail

Decimail is a pair of email applications: * Decimail Webmail is a web-based email client. It uses predominantly client-side code - i.e. Javascript in you web browser - to deliver a highly-responsive application. * Decimail Server is an IMAP email server that uses a PostgreSQL database for message storage. Mailboxes are defined by SQL queries, making complex message searchng and categorisation possible. Both applications use the standard email protocols, IMAP and SMTP. So although Webmail and Server can be used together, this is not necessary: subject to bugs, Webmail can be used with any IMAP server and Server can be used with any IMAP client.

March 2006

Selenium IDE Intro

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There is a Firefox extension called Selenium IDE made by the folks over at It is a very easy to use and powerful tool for controlling, automating or testing web sites. -- Using REST with Ajax

This article shows how to use Ajax techniques to make web apps with REST APIs.

January 2006

Python Routes | 2006-01-30 | BitWorking

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Routes, dispatch and Kid together would make a nice un-framework.

Overview | Colubrid

Colubrid is a WSGI request handler which simplifies python web developement.

November 2005

Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters

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Aren’t Web Caches bad for me? Why should I help them? » Free website templates

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Here are my free open source web design templates. They are free to use for any purpose without any obligations or conditions.

Rich Text Editing With Dojo

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Rich text (WYSIWYG) editing on the web is a difficult problem. Browser-based rich text editors to date have failed to meet users stability expectations or in other ways subtly break the seamlessness of the editing experience. The Dojo Editor widget, written by Paul Sowden and David Schontzler, provides a solution to these problems in an easy-to-integrate package.


ClickChronicle keeps a record of your web browsing and allows you to search all the web pages that you have visited.

October 2005

Index of /~ben/funkload

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This tool enables to do functional and load testing of web application.

ASPN : Python Cookbook : Simple web request benchmark

This recipe measures the amount of time to perform each portion of a request to a single file many times, and prints the results in a somewhat reasonable fashion.

Cherokee Web Server

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Cherokee is a flexible, very fast, lightweight Web server. It is implemented entirely in C, and has no dependencies beyond a standard C library. It is embeddable and extensible with plug-ins. It supports on-the-fly configuration by reading files or strings, TLS/SSL (via GNUTLS or OpenSSL), virtual hosts, authentication, cache friendly features, PHP, custom error management, and much more.

September 2005

:: cleverdevil ::: Python, FastCGI, WSGI, and lighttpd

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Right now, the lighttpd web server is all the rage with Ruby on Rails people, PHP people, and excellent hosting providers. Why is this? Because lighttpd is extremely lightweight, has a small footprint, scales like nobody’s business, and is fast fast fast. The internals of lighttpd are really interesting, using kqueue and other fancy asynchronous networking operating system support to really put Apache to shame. But, the internals of lighttpd are a topic for another day…

Project: PyFileServer

PyFileServer is a WSGI web application for sharing filesystem directories over WebDAV. It comes bundled with a WSGI web server for standalone operation or can be incorporated into other WSGI-compatible web frameworks like Python Webware or Python Paste.

August 2005

What do you see in Web 2.0? | 2005-08-09 | BitWorking

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Now we're talking real power. How about a script that blogs books to your book blog everytime you visit Amazon? Or how about one that finds links to FOAF files on web pages your browsing and then blogs that information to your people blog? How about mining microformat information, a Greasemonkey script could find all the hCalendar information in all the web pages you visit, or cull them from entries on Bloglines, and publish them to your calendar blog. The possibilities are endless.

June 2005

Welcome to refbase!

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Web-based, platform-independent, multi-user interface for managing scientific literature & citations.

May 2005

URL Parsing With WSGI And Paste

This document is intended for web framework authors and integrators, and people who want to understand the internal architecture of Paste.

Rob Hetland’s web journal

Ultimate Citizen: Make a THREDDS catalog of your DODS-served data so folks can view it with tools like the IDV. These are simple XML files that just tell tools like IDV the protocol and location of the data. Check out an example at:

The Vega Science Trust - Freeview Video On The Web - Richard Feynman: The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures

A set of four priceless archival recordings from the University of Auckland (New Zealand) of the outstanding Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman - arguably the greatest science lecturer ever. Although the recording is of modest technical quality the exceptional personal style and unique delivery shine through.

April 2005

mnot - Tarawa

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Nice web framework written in Python, with support for content negotiation and PUT/DELETE.

Frog - Python web logging software

Nice web based file manager written in Python.

To-Do: A Tutorial

Tutorial of a Python framework by Ian Bicking.

March 2005

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