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March 2006

Script Smarter: Quality JavaScript from Scratch

by 3 others
This article is actually an excerpt from SitePoint's new title, The JavaScript Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks

October 2005

HTMLtoMochiDOM HTML to MochiDOM script - Spike Developer Zone

a script that will convert well-formed chunks of html (read valid xml) to javascript code for MochiKit.

September 2005

Google Fool - Greasemonkey Shenanigans

by 2 others (via)
This script, for the Firefox Greasemonkey extension, sets up Google (and other search engines) to do an amusing magic trick or April Fool.

January 2005

CERN Common Lisp Users Group: Getting Started

Getting started with Lisp, and running as a script.

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