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September 2005

libextractor - a simple library for keyword extraction

libextractor is a library used to extract meta-data from files of arbitrary type.

August 2005

Google Groups : comp.lang.python

I need to ensure that there is only one instance of my python class on my machine at a given time. (Not within an interpreter -- that would just be a singleton -- but on the machine.) These instances are created and destroyed, but there can be only one at a time.

April 2005

iCalendar package for Python

The iCalendar package is a parser/generator of iCalender files for use with Python.

mnot - Tarawa

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Nice web framework written in Python, with support for content negotiation and PUT/DELETE.

March 2005

Distributing dependencies

Nice way of distributing dependencies with a module.

February 2005

Table of Contents

Documentation for Nevow

ASPN : Python Cookbook : Infix operators

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Nice hack to define generic infix operators.

Google Search: 0x5f3759df

Fast Inverse Square Root

January 2005


Mongoose catches runaway Pythons

NetCDF User's Guide - Computing File Offsets

I need to create a buffered routine to read NetCDF data.

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