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Decimail - Introducing Decimail

Decimail is a pair of email applications: * Decimail Webmail is a web-based email client. It uses predominantly client-side code - i.e. Javascript in you web browser - to deliver a highly-responsive application. * Decimail Server is an IMAP email server that uses a PostgreSQL database for message storage. Mailboxes are defined by SQL queries, making complex message searchng and categorisation possible. Both applications use the standard email protocols, IMAP and SMTP. So although Webmail and Server can be used together, this is not necessary: subject to bugs, Webmail can be used with any IMAP server and Server can be used with any IMAP client.


PostgreSQL SQL Syntax and Use

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This chapter covers a variety of topics that should round out your knowledge of PostgreSQL.


PostGIS / PostgreSQL

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Geographic objects for PostgreSQL.

Tsearch2 - full text extension for PostgreSQL

Contains implementation of a searchable data type with indexed access.

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