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March 2006

Stevey's Drunken Blog Rants

These rants started appearing six months later (in Dec 2005) on sites like and reddit. People have been debating and discussing them as if they're a set of papal bulls, and drawing all sorts of silly conclusions about me and the articles. This isn't their fault. I've provided no context for the articles, nothing indicating when they're meant to be serious or joking or satirical. And they run the whole gamut, sometimes within the same article.

September 2005

:: cleverdevil ::: Python, FastCGI, WSGI, and lighttpd

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Right now, the lighttpd web server is all the rage with Ruby on Rails people, PHP people, and excellent hosting providers. Why is this? Because lighttpd is extremely lightweight, has a small footprint, scales like nobody’s business, and is fast fast fast. The internals of lighttpd are really interesting, using kqueue and other fancy asynchronous networking operating system support to really put Apache to shame. But, the internals of lighttpd are a topic for another day…

May 2005

Naked woman.

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Nice, artistic and human.

July 2004

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