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June 2005


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Indy is a music discovery program that learns what you like, and plays more of it. And it's free.

May 2005

blagg blogg: Look, Nobody Cares That You're a DJ

This isn't a debate. I think DJs are retarded morons, but there's no need to try to convince me otherwise.

April 2005

The Hype Machine

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Click a link on the right to open up a playlist with all of today's music in your favorite media player!

Bat' na Lata - Pandeiro

How to play the pandeiro.

December 2004

November 2004

paper cd case

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Create paper PDF CD cases.

September 2004

Google Search: "index of /mp3"

Easy as taking candy from a child.

July 2004

Jeffrey Veen: MP3 Blogs and wget

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Downloading free, legal music.

June 2004


50 cool song parts.

April 2004

XMMS Cover Viewer

XMMS visualization plugin that shows the cover of the album.

February 2004

iTunes Store selling silent tracks.

John Cage will be suing lots of people.

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