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January 2005

Johannes Hofmann

Search engine from within the mutt mail reader to search mail stored in maildir folders.

December 2004

October 2004 Hep

Multiprotocol message server.

September 2004

BILL Workgroup Server | home

Exchange for Linux.

raelity bytes

Interesting thread on mail sorting/searching.

July 2004


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Pure Python binding to provide access to Gmail.

Incoming Mail Notifier

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Notifying new mail with Jabber.

June 2004

A move to Evolution (not)

I considered switching to Evolution this weekend. Glad I didn't.

April 2004


E-mail as XML.

Googling Your Email

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Zoe is fun, zoe is nice.

EMail heaven

I have to try Zoe someday.

March 2004

Adding headers to Apple's

X-Salada: sem maionese.


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Loaf is a way to share your address book without abandoning your privacy.

mail howto

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Super mail server.

Building an Address Book with OpenLDAP

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I've did this already, but it's always a nice reference.

Address book to LDAP.

Convert addresses to LDAP.

Mail at Arda.Homeunix.Net

Using daemontools to start courierpassd.

The Arda Network Store

Changing courier password via a daemon.

February 2004

Postfix and SpamAssassin

I like Qmail, but Postfix looks nicer everyday.

qmail SPF (Sender Policy Framework) patch

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An SPF implementation for qmail.

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