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November 2005

ASPN : Python Cookbook : Simple HTTP server supporting SSL secure communications

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This recipe describes how to set up a simple HTTP server supporting SSL secure communications. It extends the SimpleHTTPServer standard module to support the SSL protocol. With this recipe, only the server is authenticated while the client remains unauthenticated (i.e. the server will not request a client certificate from the browser). So, the client (typically the browser) will be able to verify the server identity and secure its communications with the server.

October 2005

Cherokee Web Server

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Cherokee is a flexible, very fast, lightweight Web server. It is implemented entirely in C, and has no dependencies beyond a standard C library. It is embeddable and extensible with plug-ins. It supports on-the-fly configuration by reading files or strings, TLS/SSL (via GNUTLS or OpenSSL), virtual hosts, authentication, cache friendly features, PHP, custom error management, and much more.

March 2005

ASPN : Python Cookbook : My first application server

A minimalist application server, handling both GET and POST requests, including multipart/form-data for file uploads, HTTP redirections, and with an in-memory session management.

November 2004

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March 2004

Curiosity is bliss: HTTP 101

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The minimum you have to know about HTTP.

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