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October 2005

Re: Re: Educationg Others

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Do you just use your browser to browse? That's so 20th century.

September 2005

Google Fool - Greasemonkey Shenanigans

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This script, for the Firefox Greasemonkey extension, sets up Google (and other search engines) to do an amusing magic trick or April Fool.

April 2005

Greasemonkey compiler |

by 6 others
GENIUS! A Python script that converts a Greasemonkey user script into a Firefox extensions!!!

overstimulate | GreaseMonkey - Book Burro - Remixing bookstores

by 5 others
Arrgh, greasemonkey is amazing. This one shows book prices from other bookstores when shopping for a book.

March 2005

How To Disable GreaseMonkey On Your Web Site

by 13 others
Disabling Greasemonkey scripts on your site.

Nice titles for Greasemonkey

The web is getting better all the time.

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