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October 2005

Labyrinth Solver - Labix

Creating code for labyrinth solvers is a quite traditional exercise. The following snippets provide versions in Python and in C of a concise labyrinth solver.

September 2005

November 2004

JFK Reloaded | Welcome

Simulation of the JFK assassination.

London Law Homepage

Python version of Scotland Yard!

September 2004

An Explanation of Cricket

Crazy englishmen.


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Mechanical pong.

FreeCiv Longturn

Playing FreeCiv one turn per day.

Battle for Wesnoth

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A nice game.

August 2004

Doom 3 and Winex CVS

First I need to get my 3D card working...

The Ur-Quan Masters - News

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Remake of Star Control 2.

June 2004

Castle of the Winds

I used to love this game!

May 2004

Pac Manhattan

Analog version of Pac-man.

February 2004

The Brad Hole: Centipede X

Centipede for modern OSX systems.


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Enriched clone of the game "Logical" by Rainbow Arts.

January 2004


Like Tetris, but with pieces composed of 5 small squares.

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