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Selenium IDE Intro

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There is a Firefox extension called Selenium IDE made by the folks over at It is a very easy to use and powerful tool for controlling, automating or testing web sites.



ClickChronicle keeps a record of your web browsing and allows you to search all the web pages that you have visited.

Google Fool - Greasemonkey Shenanigans

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This script, for the Firefox Greasemonkey extension, sets up Google (and other search engines) to do an amusing magic trick or April Fool.

Customising GMail with GreaseMonkey - SitePoint DHTML & CSS Blog

Automatically running a Javascript when visiting a given site.



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The Firefox Screen Reader Emulator Extension.


Installing flash plugin on Firefox 1.0 PR.

WikalongExtension - Wikalong Firefox Extension

Nice extension for adding comments to a site.


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Extension for Firefox, shows icon after links for PDF, mailto, etc.


Select a non-clickable link and open it in a new tab.

Firesomething 1.0.3 - MozillaZine Forums

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Does awful things to the product name of your favorite browser.

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