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October 2005

Labyrinth Solver - Labix

Creating code for labyrinth solvers is a quite traditional exercise. The following snippets provide versions in Python and in C of a concise labyrinth solver.

May 2005

The College Bums » Buffer Overflow

Every now and again we all hear about an exploit that takes place thanks to a buffer overflow, but what is a buffer overflow? By definition it is when a program attempts to store more data in an array (buffer) than it was intended to hold, thus overwriting the return address of the function. To show how this is actually done, I’ll explain how to do a simple attack on a fairly small program.

January 2005

NetCDF User's Guide - Computing File Offsets

I need to create a buffered routine to read NetCDF data.

October 2004

Michael's Quick Guide to Pyrex

Writing modules for Python.

May 2004

distcc: a fast, free distributed C/C compiler

by 1 other
Distribute compiling across several machines on a network.

January 2004

Duff's device

The most dramatic use yet seen of fall through in C.

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