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June 2006

::: Structured Blogging :::

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Structured Blogging is all about giving bloggers the tools to create and syndicate structured information, such as reviews and events. We currently offer two Structured Blogging plugins for the popular blogging platforms Movable Type and Wordpress. Using these plugins makes it easy to create, edit, and maintain different kinds of posts.

May 2006

March 2006

Stevey's Drunken Blog Rants

These rants started appearing six months later (in Dec 2005) on sites like and reddit. People have been debating and discussing them as if they're a set of papal bulls, and drawing all sorts of silly conclusions about me and the articles. This isn't their fault. I've provided no context for the articles, nothing indicating when they're meant to be serious or joking or satirical. And they run the whole gamut, sometimes within the same article.

January 2006

Most Underrated API? The Yahoo! Term Extractor » Nate Koechley’s Blog

But I think one of the coolest and most underrated APIs is the Term Extractor API from Yahoo!: In other words, you point it at a piece of content — a news article, blog post, movie review or whatever — and it returns a list of terms, or keywords (or “tags” for those of you keeping score at home).

November 2005

Checking & Sharing » Blog Archive » Grid widget on a JSON diet

CatWalk’s grids are dynamically build using MochiKit terrific Stan syntax. They accept a data structure (JSON) and return a grid element you can add to your page or manipulate further using the DOM.

October 2005

HTMLtoMochiDOM HTML to MochiDOM script - Spike Developer Zone

a script that will convert well-formed chunks of html (read valid xml) to javascript code for MochiKit.

September 2005

Creating a Good Blog Archive

I would like to talk about some blogging approaches I have here on Google Blogoscoped to help make sure, years from now, this blog makes a good archive – maybe it inspires a thing or two on your own blog!

July 2005

configs/pyblosxom - Kindergarten Wiki

Nice way of sharing an installation of Pyblosxom with multiple users/blogs.

May 2005

15 things you can do with RSS (it was supposed to be 10, but I got carried away) - Tim Yang's Geek Blog

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Basically, you can perform any task with RSS that requires search or information retrieval from a server. Automatically and repeatedly. Here are my favourites...

April 2005

March 2005

Pés na Estrada

Blog de cara que morou no Timor. :

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My own website, just for testing.

December 2004

Steven Armstrong's Weblog

WSGI, mod_python, pyblosxom, cool clean layout.

October 2004

September 2004

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