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Installation de CGI Proxy, solution de proxy http

Ce tutorial vous expliquera comment mettre en oeuvre derrière Apache 2 le script CGI Proxy qui peut vous servir aussi bien à surfer anonyme (désactivation de scripts pendant la navigation), à accéder aux serveurs web de machine situées dans un réseau local, à contrer la censure …


Domains by Proxy

The law requires that the personal information you provide with every domain you register be made public in the "WHOIS" database. Your identity becomes instantly available - and vulnerable - to spammers, scammers, prying eyes and worse. But now there's a solution: Domains By Proxy®! à voir...


Top 7 PHP Security Blunders

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PHP's availability, ease of use, and support makes it the first choice for many budding developers. Yet the potential for the unwary coder to overlook certain key aspects of security lands countless developers in hot water. Pax explores the key security holes, common issues, and typical oversights in this hands-on primer.


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The Open Source toolkit for SSL/TLS

PHP Filters

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Filtrage de formulaires