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Safari Tidy plugin

The Safari Tidy plugin is a small plugin that lets you validate the webpages you browse for (x)html compliance. The actual validation is done by Tidy and the W3C validator. This plugin was initially modeled after a similar plugin for Firefox, which can be found here.


Installing the W3C HTML Validator on Mac OS X

Building a website is a complicated process, and testing your finished product on every possible browser can be even more daunting. However, because modern browsers such as Safari, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer 6 are compliant with the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) standards, testing your pages with the W3C Validation Tool is a great way to ensure that your pages work with modern browsers. The W3C Validator provides a line-by-line level of feedback, such as error information with references to the standards, on any URL you submit or HTML file you upload. But what if your pages are accessible only within your firewall? Or what if your organization is reluctant to have their pages submitted to any external site for validation—even if it's fully automated? This article describes how you can host the same W3C standards validation service within the confines of your own network and security constraints. You just need to download a number of open-source components that are freely available, and then configure them properly. By following this recipe, you will have an internal validation tool that will not only be accessible to your web developers as needed, but can actually be integrated into your production process. You have the code—you can make it fit your workflow.

Opquast - Bonnes pratiques qualité pour les services en ligne

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Opquast est un ensemble de bonnes pratiques pour la qualité des services en ligne.

Ajax-Style Email Validation Script

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Synchronous Client/Server Email Validate! Easy Example of combining client and server-side form validation! adapter pour client non activeX !

Javascript form validation - doing it right

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When using Javascript for form validation, there is a right way, a wrong way, a very wrong way, and a suicidally wrong way! Unfortunately many sites use one of the wrong ways, including even some which claim to be form-validation tutorials. This page tries to help people in the right direction.



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a Cascading Style Sheets Lint

A Real Validator

-- True HTML Validation on Windows A Real Validator is an HTML syntax checker for Windows. Unlike other HTML "validators" for Windows, A Real Validator uses a sophisticated SGML parser to give true HTML validation.

PHP Filters

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Filtrage de formulaires


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simulation d'accès à un site avec une vision déficiente

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