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Chicken | Download Chicken software for free at

Chicken is a VNC client for Mac OS X. A VNC client allows remote access to another computer over the network. Chicken is based on Chicken of the VNC.

How to Setup VNC on Mac OS X - wikiHow

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Need to control an Apple computer running OS X 10.4 Tiger or OS X 10.5 Leopard from a remote location? That's the purpose of VNC!


Remote Buddy

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Remote Buddy turns the remote control in your hands into a key to your entire Mac®. No matter, whether you want to control applications and presentations, browse and playback your music- and video collection, watch TV with EyeTV, browse the web or your filesystem, make the globe turn in Google™ Earth, enter a text, move the mouse, play games or maybe just change the brightness of your screen - you can do this all with Remote Buddy! And so much more!



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Designed exclusively for the Apple® Remote, Mira takes it beyond Front Row and gives you personal control for any application, on any Mac®. Twisted Melon - Fine Mac OS Software (Remote Control Solutions and more)

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