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Le portail webcam de référence !



portail plongée


portail francophone des pays du sourire : thaïlande, laos, birmanie...

Nu Expo

Portail de la photo de nu (MODELES PHOTO ET PHOTOGRAPHES DE NU) - Entretiens et portfolios de photographes et modèles de charme - Galerie de photos nu

Paradise plongée

portail plongée sous marine, séjours plongée et croisière plongée


Plongée sous marine, Passion-Plongee, la communauté des plongeurs



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The Web Content Integration Software -



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Générateur de portail Php / Mysql en Open Source


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Liferay offers the world's leading open source portal platform. Now going on its eighth year of development, Liferay Portal is backed by a comprehensive professional services network offering custom development, training, and support across the world. JSR168, JSR170


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uPortal is a free, sharable portal under development by institutions of higher-education. This group sees an institutional portal as an abridged and customized version of the institutional Web presence... a "pocket-sized" version of the campus Web. Portal technology adds "customization" and "community" to the campus Web presence. Customization allows each user to define a unique and personal view of the campus Web. Community tools, such as chat, forums, survey, and so on, build relationships among campus constituencies. uPortal is an open-standard effort using Java, XML, JSP and J2EE. It is a collaborative development project with the effort shared among several of the JA-SIG member institutions. You may download uPortal and use it on your site at no cost.


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Le Portail de la Méthode et de la Qualité. Portail des DSI et chefs de projets SI & NTIC. Assurance performance de l'organisation, réussite du projet et qualité de l'application


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portail cms groupware


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le portail de la décoration



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le portail du podcasting et du videoblogging


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Le portail dédié aux Webmasters


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Jetspeed is an Open Source implementation of an Enterprise Information Portal, using Java and XML. A portal makes network resources (applications, databases and so forth) available to end-users. The user can access the portal via a web browser, WAP-phone, pager or any other device. Jetspeed acts as the central hub where information from multiple sources are made available in an easy to use manner.


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Le portail des cybermotards


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portail france telecom

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