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28 November 2008 00:00

GIFBuilder for OSX

Create animated gifs to add to a Web site. MacUpdate Mac Animation Software Downloads

27 November 2008 23:45


GIFfun(tm) by Stone Design is the key to creating Web Animations quickly - you can use Create(tm) to make the individiual slides, or drag in any Image File directly into the GIFfun window, and the best part is that GIFfun is totally free, in cluding the well-commented source code. GIFfun was originally created because I wanted to add yet another feature to Create, but since this tool is of use to every web page designer, I thought it would help spread the word of Cocoa and to provide you with source and make it free because I can hear Monty saying "The Price Is Right". FAQ New! GIFfun Manual

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