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Test Flash sous-marin Inon D2000 et Z240

Bonnes explication sur le sTTL Inon

2008 -

synchronisation flash à une vitesse plus élevée que la synchro normale de l'appareil (par exemple 1/400e au lieu de 1/250e)

The Whale Hunt

A storytelling experiment / by Jonathan Harris


Patch Internet Explorer ActiveX update, débloquer les animations Flash

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Ce script bloque l'action du patch Internet Explorer ActiveX update. Sans ce script, l'interaction immédiate de l'utilisateur avec les animations Flash est interdite. Un rectangle de focus gris entoure l'animation et une infobulle contenant le message cliquez ici pour activer et utiliser ce contrôle apparaissent au survol de l'animation.

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free web application for brainstorming online

How to embed a Flash file into Powerpoint

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How to import a Flash Player compatible (SWF) file into PowerPoint.

Flash Video Player

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lesteur flash gratuit



- The online Game ;-) ::::::::::::::::::::

Flash Kit

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A Flash Developer Resource for Macromedia Flash MX Tutorials SWF FLA images clipart Sounds WAVS Animations Help and Support

le Queen

discothèque à Paris


---( Bienvenue sur le site de la Maison PoaPlume ! )---

beaux exemples de flash

Template Monster

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Template Monster website templates, flash templates and other products are ready-made web designs, that can be used as a basis for fast and high-quality website. Our website templates, flash templates and all other products are completely customizable and ready for immediate download. We at do our best to provide you with web templates design of premium quality.

PHP/SWF Slideshow

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PHP/SWF Slideshow creates attractive web slideshows from dynamic image files and data. Among the possible uses are: Slideshows Photo albums & picture books Catalogs Story books Year books Portfolios Keynotes & business presentations Advertisement Trivia games Polls

Inserting Flash animations into PowerPoint

comment insérer un doc flash dans un power-point


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PostcardViewer is a free Flash image viewer.

2005 Getting Flashy With PHP

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Often in my articles I rave about the sheer number of functions available to the PHP programmer. This assertion has been once again enforced with the release of the Ming Flash Generation Library. This package, which also offers a PHP extension, provides PHP users with a rather convenient and simple way to create cool Flash animations.

Ming - a SWF output library and PHP module

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Ming is a C library for generating SWF ("Flash") format movies, plus a set of wrappers for using the library from C++ and popular scripting languages like PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby.


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Agence de communication pédagogique et ludique

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