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08 March 2005

Tag Boom (english version) - metakappa: knowledge ecosystem blog - a business blog by Gino Tocchetti

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I feel the 'tag issue' dabate is explosing early this year 2005. On the wave of success of delicious and flickr, after the run of Feedster and 43Things, a new Technorati initiative is launched, and immediately someone is renewing old features (Furl), some

07 March 2005

Many-to-Many: New Technorati tag feature

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At the beginning of this week, Technorati will launch a new tag aggregation feature: When you search on a tag, you%u2019ll be shown a list of %u201Crelated%u201D tags. The relationships are automatically discerned by the software, analyzing the other tags

04 March 2005

Delibar - A cocoa delicious client -

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Delibar is a Delicious client, it will be store all your bookmarks in the system bar so you can easily access at it by select the tag and the link.

03 March 2005

Home - frassle

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Frassle helps you read and publish weblogs, track bookmarks, and find relevant content organized your way.

CCTE Distributed Research

Social bookmarking portal for the Communication, Computing and Technology in Education program (Teachers College, Columbia Univ.)

01 March 2005

28 February 2005

27 February 2005

26 February 2005

i d e a n t: A study

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Working within the constraints of a very limited data sample, this study attempts to identify some of the information management and meaning construction practices of an online distributed classification (a.k.a. free tagging or ethnoclassification) commun

22 February 2005

Explaining and Showing Broad and Narrow Folksonomies :: Off the Top ::

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I have been explaining the broad and narrow folksonomy in e-mail and in comments on others sites, as well as in the media (Wired News). There has still been some confusion, which is very understandable as it is a different concept that goes beyond a simpl

19 February 2005

Latent Semantic Indexing

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We create a result set by looking through each document in turn for certain keywords and phrases, tossing aside any documents that don't contain them, and ordering the rest based on some ranking system.

18 February 2005

17 February 2005

16 February 2005

14 February 2005

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