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30 December 2005 00:00

Go Fug Yourself

by 6 others
Fugly is the new pretty.

fic: "Not-Staring Contest", Cameron/Chase, PG, [perpet_fic]

"He tries not to stare at her. It’s rude, and it’s unprofessional, and while he may have a crush, he’s a grown man who has the ability to keep himself in line."


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fic: "Corollary", Cameron/Chase, PG, [poisonivory]

"'You’re never going to get him, you know.'”

fic: "Last Rites", [dsudis]

Cameron/Chase gen, PG

29 December 2005 23:00

29 December 2005 22:00

fic: "Hurricane Season", Casey/Veronica, PG, [halfway2home]

"If people were finding it hard not to notice that he was slowly befriending Veronica and were teasing him about it, Casey really only had himself to blame for it.”

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