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September 2006

August 2006

Dapper: The Data Mapper

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Dapper allows you to create a "black box" (a Dapp) for any data source on the Internet. The Dapp produces XML which you can use programatically in whatever way you like. screen scrapes a site to produce an api. can produce RSS feeds.

July 2006

Crazy Egg — Coming Soon…

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heat maps where users click on page

May 2006

RankQuest Link Explorer - QS - rqsitemap

Link Explorer - Search Engine Optimization Tool - Link Explorer, Explores links in the URL provided and creates a tree view of the same.

Free Anonymous Proxy, Free Anonymous Surf, Free Anonymous Web Access, Online Privacy Protection

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* Filter out unwanted advertising such as banners and popups. * Defeat advertiser tracking and harmful web software * Encrypt your computer's IP address so that you are untraceable * Provide a secure domain for you to access your e-mail

April 2006

RSS Reader - QS - rssreader

%s=feed URL ?url=%s&

Bitty Browser: IndieFeed: Folk/Americana

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Roots Rock Radio


March 2006

February 2006

Pasta: text pasting service for

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creates a new page with your text and then creates a bookmark for it


by 37 others
A live view of, dynamically displaying freshly added bookmarks, along with a list of the most popular links.


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trendalicious is a near real-time view of website popularity trends as reflected by the social bookmarking service. All URLs that have been posted by a minimum of two people in the past sixty minutes are displayed, ranked by the total number o

Bitty Browser Home Page -- Picture-in-Picture for the Web

by 24 others
Bitty is the little browser that goes on any Web page, it's like Picture-in-Picture for the Web.

WatchThatPage - Monitor web pages extract new information

by 13 others pw:drib WatchThatPage is a free service to monitor web pages and extract new information from them. Changes are sent in a daily email.