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September 2006

August 2006

Marvin Gaye / Bob Marley mashup

No Woman No Cry + Mercy Mercy Me

Levels of the Game: The Hierarchy of Web 2.0 Applications

Reading Jim Fallows' new Technology Review article about his experiment in using only Web 2.0 applications for two weeks, I think:

FEEDcombine: MSN Search: feed: "mp3 blog" ...


April 2006


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tons of full album download links

Google gHacks - QS - ghacks

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Dragon Radio �?的廣播電�?�

The purpose of the podcast is to expose you, the listener, to as many sounds from Asia as humanly possible with the fewest rules and constraints we can. The drive is pop/rock music, but I will throw in something just because it sounds interesting. I wan

March 2006

The Librarian - Burnt Friedman / David Sylvian

February 2006

Paik - Tinsel and Foil

Frenetic drumming sets up the pace of this trio's masterpiece. Like the three witches of Shakespeare's MacBeth, we get every kind of odd ingredient tossed into the cauldron, setting up a slow simmer. Incantation notwithstanding, at 1:40, the broth spews f

maZikaty :: Beat The Beat

un:bugmenot pw:bugmenot downloads of hundreds of middle eastern music

January 2006