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August 2006

Levels of the Game: The Hierarchy of Web 2.0 Applications

Reading Jim Fallows' new Technology Review article about his experiment in using only Web 2.0 applications for two weeks, I think:

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Assemble your feeds into categorized groups called bundles. Publish your favorite bundles with a single combined rss feed. Share your favorite feeds with old friends and new friends.

FEEDcombine: MSN Search: feed: "mp3 blog" ...


June 2006

lazytom's FeedJumbler - work your feeds!™

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* Convert a RSS or Atom-based feed into RSS, Atom and/or HTML and JavaScript * Merge/splice several RSS or Atom-based feeds into one combined RSS and/or Atom feed * Put an RSS feed (or merged feed) on your webpage using an IFrame or JavaScript)

xFruits - Compose your information system

With xFruits, mix and make delicious mixtures of feeds for blog, mobile and startpage. un:rd pw:drib +feedmixer,RSS,personal doesn't remove dupes

May 2006

April 2006

RSS Reader - QS - rssreader

%s=feed URL ?url=%s&

Bitty Browser: IndieFeed: Folk/Americana

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Roots Rock Radio


March 2006

FeedCatch - RSS archiver by

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archives everything for a given feed

Blogdigger Groups - Beta

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February 2006


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A live view of, dynamically displaying freshly added bookmarks, along with a list of the most popular links.

January 2006