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20 February 2006 pasting service bookmarklet

#javascript:var%20txt;%20if%20(window.getSelection)%20txt%20=%20window.getSelection();%20else%20if%20(document.selection)%20txt%20=%20document.selection.createRange().text;%20if%20(txt)%20location.href=' pasting service bookmarklet pasting service. creates a page that you can write text to and then bookmark. useful in sending messages to other users via for:

30 January 2006

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26 January 2006

Delicious Linkbacks

by 8 others
a bookmarklet to track what delicious users are saying about a particular page. Navigate to any web page, Click this bookmarklet to pop in a small window of bookmarks pointing back to that page from (with comments and tags).

29 December 2005