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February 2006 pasting service bookmarklet

#javascript:var%20txt;%20if%20(window.getSelection)%20txt%20=%20window.getSelection();%20else%20if%20(document.selection)%20txt%20=%20document.selection.createRange().text;%20if%20(txt)%20location.href=' pasting service bookmarklet pasting service. creates a page that you can write text to and then bookmark. useful in sending messages to other users via for:

mfeeds media scrapper

MFeeds works by scanning the webpage for links to media files. Any links found are then added as enclosures for that item.

January 2006

private bookmark

bookmarks the page in private bookmarks

Delicious Linkbacks

by 8 others
a bookmarklet to track what delicious users are saying about a particular page. Navigate to any web page, Click this bookmarklet to pop in a small window of bookmarks pointing back to that page from (with comments and tags).

December 2005

Bookmarklet Crunchinator

by 11 others
Based on the Javascript Crunchinator Demo, you can use this to quickly create a bookmarklet from some javascript code.

Bitty Browser - QS - bitty

create a bitty browser smartmark

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