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July 2006

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MyToday is a public aggregator having topic based collection of RSS feeds called Dailies. A Daily is a set of RSS feeds around the topic providing latest news, views and content on that topic. Mobile service is at

March 2006


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un:rd pw:drib Memigo recommends news articles you will be interested in based on your ratings and those of other users that are similar to you. memigo is an automated, collaborative weblog

February 2006

January 2006

t3h Blox0r

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fluctu8 - auditory cultural dissemination

un:rd pw:drib Fluctu8 is a web based aggregator. The goal of fluctu8 is to allow users to keep up to date with a range of different audio sources, be it music or talk radio, world wide. Fluctu8 maintains a list of content sources and periodically che