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July 2008

BEI Great Music Videos information at your fingertips.

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Music videos are sheer pleasure to watch. Enjoy the visual film of your favorite song or music. Cherish your beloved singer, band or group performing live on your screen.

May 2008

How do Contact Lenses Work

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Contact lenses, which are held in place by the natural tears created by the eye, form a thin layer over the eye to assist with refocusing. For those who have myopia, the problem is with seeing objects at a distance. The contact lenses prescribed to pati

March 2008

April 2007

Use the Close() Method to free up the report

The Close() method should not be called on the page before the report has been displayed, because the report must remain open on the server until the display process has been completed.

Expression Examples in Reporting Services

=Globals.ReportName & ", dated " & Format(Globals.ExecutionTime, "d") The following expression, placed in a text box in the footer of a report, provides page number and total pages in the report: =Globals.PageNumber & " of " &a

March 2007