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May 2008

Category:Locomotives - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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April 2007

Use the Close() Method to free up the report

The Close() method should not be called on the page before the report has been displayed, because the report must remain open on the server until the display process has been completed.

March 2007

swfIR: swf Image Replacement

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The resident wizard on staff, Mark does all the heavy lifting on swfIR. Responsible for the majority of the Actionscript and JavaScript integration, he brings the dorkiness level of the team to an all time high.

HTML and CSS Table Border Style Wizard

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Welcome to the totally revamped HTML and CSS border style wizard! Use this wizard to experiment with table border styles and generate style source code. This wizard uses dynamic HTML to change the style of the table in-situ, without loading another page

Cascading Style Cheatsheet

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Sets the amount of white space between letters, which are defined as any displayed character .

February 2007

Physical Education Music at Music Education Guide

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Ithaca Journal - When 15 minutes of class time is wasted each day moving chairs around because there is only one music ensemble classroom, that cheats students and the taxpayer. When physical education students have to meet in a multi-purpose room for gym

Sentence Fragments

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after, although, because, before, if, though, unless, until, when, where, who, which, and that.