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March 2008

Luxury Family Vacations

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Discover our selected family-friendly luxury resorts and hotels in Hawaii, ... Our luxury family vacations may include discounted meals, discounted second room, ...

March 2007

Columbus Parks And Recreation

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The measure is HERE and the ethics ploicy would be developed under auspices of tthe Ohio Parks and Rerceation Association, a nonprofit group of 1650 members involveed in running receration programs around the state. ...

U. S. Crime Statistics Total and by State 1960 - 2005

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When you experience a crime it can make you respond in ways that you might not understand. In that crisis situation you may react in ways that conflict with the assumptions you have created about your self. At the time of the crime you may feel a sense of

February 2007

The case for mocking religion. - By Christopher Hitchens - Slate Magazine

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The question of "offensiveness" is easy to decide. First: Suppose that we all agreed to comport ourselves in order to avoid offending the believers? How could we ever be sure that we had taken enough precautions? On Saturday, I appeared on CNN, which was